Source code for ska_tmc_cdm.schemas.subarray_node.assigned_resources

This module defines Marshmallow schemas that map CDM classes
to/from JSON.

from marshmallow import Schema, fields, post_load

from ska_tmc_cdm.messages.subarray_node.assigned_resources import AssignedResources
from ska_tmc_cdm.messages.subarray_node.assigned_resources import MCCSAllocation
from ..shared import ValidatingSchema
from ...schemas import CODEC

__all__ = [

[docs]@CODEC.register_mapping(MCCSAllocation) class MCCSAllocationSchema(Schema): """ Marshmallow schema for the MCCSAllocation class. """ subarray_beam_ids = fields.List( fields.Integer, data_key="subarray_beam_ids", required=True ) station_ids = fields.List( fields.List(fields.Integer), data_key="station_ids", required=True ) channel_blocks = fields.List( fields.Integer, data_key="channel_blocks", required=True )
[docs] @post_load def create_mccs_allocation(self, data, **_): """ Convert parsed JSON back into a MCCSAllocation object. :param data: Marshmallow-provided dict containing parsed JSON values :param _: kwargs passed by Marshmallow :return: MCCSAllocation object populated from data """ subarray_beam_ids = data.get("subarray_beam_ids", None) station_ids = data.get("station_ids", None) channel_blocks = data.get("channel_blocks", None) return MCCSAllocation(subarray_beam_ids, station_ids, channel_blocks)
[docs]@CODEC.register_mapping(AssignedResources) class AssignedResourcesSchema(ValidatingSchema): """ AssignedResourcesSchema maps the AssignedResources class to/from a JSON representation. """ interface = fields.String(required=True) mccs = fields.Nested(MCCSAllocationSchema, required=True)
[docs] @post_load def create_assigned_resources(self, data, **_): """ Convert parsed JSON back into an AssignedResources object :param data: Marshmallow-provided dict containing parsed JSON values :param _: kwargs passed by Marshmallow :return: AssignedResources object populated from data """ interface = data.get("interface", None) mccs = data.get("mccs", None) return AssignedResources( interface=interface, mccs=mccs )