Source code for ska_tmc_cdm.messages.subarray_node.configure

The configure package contains modules that define Python classes for all of
the permissible arguments for a SubArrayNode.configure() call.

__all__ = ["ConfigureRequest"]

from typing import Optional

from .core import PointingConfiguration, DishConfiguration
from .csp import CSPConfiguration
from .mccs import MCCSConfiguration
from .sdp import SDPConfiguration
from .tmc import TMCConfiguration


[docs]class ConfigureRequest: # pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods """ ConfigureRequest encapsulates the arguments required for the TMC SubArrayNode.Configure() command. """ # pylint: disable=too-many-arguments def __init__( self, pointing: PointingConfiguration = None, dish: DishConfiguration = None, sdp: SDPConfiguration = None, csp: CSPConfiguration = None, mccs: MCCSConfiguration = None, tmc: TMCConfiguration = None, interface: Optional[str] = SCHEMA, transaction_id: Optional[str] = None, ): self.transaction_id = transaction_id self.pointing = pointing = dish self.sdp = sdp self.csp = csp self.tmc = tmc self.interface = interface self.mccs = mccs if self.mccs is not None and ( is not None ): raise ValueError( "Can't allocate dish, csp and sdp in the same call as mccs" ) def __eq__(self, other): if not isinstance(other, ConfigureRequest): return False return ( self.pointing == other.pointing and == and self.sdp == other.sdp and self.csp == other.csp and self.tmc == other.tmc and self.mccs == other.mccs and self.interface == other.interface and self.transaction_id == other.transaction_id )