Source code for ska_tmc_cdm.messages.central_node.common

The messages module provides simple Python representations of the structured
request and response for the TMC CentralNode.AssignResources command.
from typing import List, Optional

__all__ = ["DishAllocation"]

[docs]class DishAllocation: """ DishAllocation represents the DISH allocation part of an AssignResources request and response. """ def __init__(self, receptor_ids: Optional[List[str]] = None): """ Create a new DishAllocation for the specified receptors. :param receptor_ids: (optional) IDs of the receptors to add to this allocation """ if receptor_ids is None: receptor_ids = [] self.receptor_ids = list(receptor_ids) def __eq__(self, other): if not isinstance(other, DishAllocation): return False return set(self.receptor_ids) == set(other.receptor_ids) def __repr__(self): return "<DishAllocation(receptor_ids={!r})>".format(self.receptor_ids)